TIPS How To Earn MonEy FroM Instagram Reels.

Tips how to earn money from Instagram Reels:


Instagram Reels present new opportunities for content creators to engage audiences and generate income through short entertaining videos. As Reels continues gaining popularity, creators are finding innovative ways to monetize their content.

This guide explores proven strategies to earn money from Instagram Reels and turn it into a profitable channel.

Building a Loyal Following

A strong, engaged following is the foundation for any social media monetization. Here are some best practices for growing your audience on Instagram with Reels:

  • Consistently post entertaining Reels showcasing your personality in your niche.
  • Use relevant hashtags and tag other creators to improve discoverability in the Reels tab.
  • Cross-promote new Reels from your Instagram feed and Stories.
  • Engage audiences by responding to comments and collaborating with aligned creators.
  • Analyze data on most popular Reels and make more in those formats.
  • Run giveaways and contests requiring user-generated Reel creation to expand reach.

An established viewership unlocks more Reels monetization opportunities.

Monetizing Reels Through Ads

Instagram allows certain creators to directly monetize their Reels by inserting ads:

  • To qualify, produce Reels consistently and have a minimum threshold of followers and engagement.
  • Insert ad breaks within Reels over 90 seconds long.
  • Earn a portion of the revenue from ads running before, during or after your Reels.
  • Maximize income by regularly posting highly engaging Reels.

For top creators, Reels ads provide fairly passive yet consistent revenue from content.

Promoting Brand Partnerships

Once you build a sizable audience, brands may sponsor Reels content:

  • Contact relevant brands in your niche to propose sponsored collaborations.
  • Produce branded yet natural Reels organically showcasing their product/service.
  • Ensure proper hashtag brand disclosure within captions like #ad or #sponsored.
  • Negotiate a competitive sponsorship fee based on your audience reach and typical engagement.
  • Boost visibility further by promoting collab Reels using Instagram ads.

Sponsored integrations add lucrative earning on top of your follower monetization.

Leveraging Affiliate Links

Earn commissions promoting affiliate product links within Instagram Reels captions:

  • Find affiliate programs related to your niche through networks like CJ Affiliate, Impact Radius, ShareASale, etc.
  • Get approval and access affiliate links for relevant brands and products to promote.
  • Organically insert affiliate links using link-in-bio tools like
  • Redirect traffic to products featured or mentioned in your Reels.
  • Receive a sales commission when users click your links and complete a qualifying purchase.

Affiliate links allow monetization through product recommendations rather than direct ads.

Selling Branded Merchandise

Design custom branded merchandise like apparel to sell to your audience:

  • Offer t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, mugs and other items with your brand name, logo or popular catchphrases.
  • Set up merchandise stores using print-on-demand platforms like Teespring or Redbubble linked through your bio.
  • Announce new merch launches through Reels and feed posts. Model or showcase the products.
  • Run occasional limited-time sales or discounts to boost interest.
  • Redirect traffic to your merch store through swipe up links on Reels and posts.

Profitable passive income from excited fans purchasing your merch.

Paid Shoutouts

Monetize your influence by offering paid shoutouts to brands and other creators:

  • Set competitive rates for feed and Reels mentions based on factors like followers, typical engagement, video editing time required, etc.
  • Ensure proper disclosure through #ad, #sponsored or #promotion hashtags.
  • Accommodate client requests for custom promotional content as fits your brand.
  • Screen incoming requests to avoid low-quality players seeking exploitation.

Your established reputation allows monetizing your visibility.

Cross-Promoting Other Profiles

Expand your audience and potential earnings by cross-promoting other complementary profiles:

  • Share Reels preview clips directing people to watch the full version on your other linked profiles.
  • Embed Reels into YouTube videos and TikTok posts to bring followers back to Instagram.
  • Promote your Instagram prominently from your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube homepage etc. to build overall brand awareness.

Pulling audiences from other platforms to Instagram accelerates monetizable follower growth.

Promoting Your Instagram

Run ads promoting your Instagram profile and best Reels:

  • Select trending Reels that resonate with your audience for promotion.
  • Create Instagram Story ads driving traffic from feed to your Reels tab.
  • Target interests aligned with your profile and Reels niche.
  • Analyze performance data and double down on Reels with high viewer retention.

Strategic Instagram ads expand your reach and visibility for more monetization opportunities.

Offering Exclusive Content

Provide exclusive content and perks through Instagram Subscriptions:

  • In Settings, enable follower subscriptions at price points starting from $0.99/month.
  • Offer subscriber-only content like exclusive Reels, Stories, livestreams, special discounts etc.
  • Promote subscription benefits prominently on your profile.
  • Keep subscribers engaged with weekly updates and community interaction.

Loyal followers readily pay reasonable rates for exclusive extras and content.


Instagram Reels introduce fresh money making opportunities through ads, branded content, promotions, merch, cross-promotion, subscriptions and more. Combine various options and prioritize producing entertaining Reels to engage your niche audience for maximum income potential. Consistently expand your followers and provide value to turn your account into a thriving creator business.

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