EBaY & products selling marketplace.

Ebay including tips for successfully selling products on the marketplace:

Introduction to eBay

eBay is one of the world’s largest online auction and shopping sites, providing individuals and businesses with a platform to sell new and used goods through auction-style listings or fixed priced formats.

Key facts about eBay:

  • Launched in 1995 and acquired by PayPal in 2002
  • Reports over 147 million active buyers globally
  • Over 1.5 billion live listings at any given time
  • Total Gross Merchandise Volume over $80 billion annually
  • Available in over 100 countries and supports multiple currencies

eBay’s extensive reach provides sellers access to buyers across the world.

Benefits of Selling on eBay

There are many advantages to selling on eBay, including:

  • Massive existing base of active buyers looking for all types of products
  • Lower fees than traditional retail channels and other marketplaces
  • Ability to sell locally, nationally or globally from one account
  • Tools provided to create listings, manage accounts, process orders and accept payments
  • Established trust in the eBay brand that attracts buyers
  • Opportunity to start selling quickly by listing even just a few items

eBay’s established platform makes it easy for sellers of all sizes to connect with interested buyers.

How eBay Makes Money

eBay earns profits in the following ways:

  • Seller transaction fees when items sell
  • Optional additional fees for promoted listings and add-on features
  • Final value fees based on the total selling price of items
  • PayPal merchant transaction fees from payments
  • Fees from its advertising network and affiliate marketing partners
  • StubHub ticket resale commissions
  • Classifieds listing fees

eBay monetizes many aspects of transactions happening on its platform.

What Can Be Sold on eBay?

Just about anything can be sold on eBay as long as it is legal and does not violate restricted items policies. Top selling eBay categories include:

  • Electronics – phones, cameras, computers, video games
  • Fashion – clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories
  • Home & Garden – furniture, decor, appliances, tools
  • Sporting goods – bicycles, outdoor gear, fitness equipment
  • Toys – dolls, action figures, games, puzzles
  • Auto parts and accessories
  • Collectibles – antiques, trading cards, stamps
  • Media – books, movies, music, video games

Any items in new, used, handmade, vintage or collectible condition are eligible provided they meet eBay’s policies.

Creating an eBay Seller Account

To start selling, you will need to create an eBay seller account:

  • Provide identity information, contact info, and bank account details
  • Select selling preferences like listing formats, payment methods, returns policies
  • Agree to eBay and PayPal user agreements and fee schedules
  • Choose selling plan – casual, occasional or professional based on expected volume
  • Set up seller profile with logo, description and links

With account setup complete, you can create listings, connect payment methods, and launch postings.

Listing Auction or Fixed Price Items

Sellers can list items as traditional auctions or as fixed price/Buy It Now formats.

For Auctions:

  • Select auction-style listing, set duration (3, 5, 7, or 10 days typically)
  • Enter start price, reserve price if desired, and shipping details
  • Interested buyers will bid during the auction period
  • Highest bidder at end of auction wins the item

For Fixed Price:

  • Select fixed price listing option
  • Set the Buy It Now purchase price
  • Buyers can immediately purchase at fixed price
  • Quantities can be limited for multiple items

Fixed price listings don’t require bidding and auction wait times.

Competitive Pricing Strategies

Conduct pricing research to determine optimal asking prices. Check completed listings for comparable items. Consider:

  • Current market prices that identical or similar items actively sell for
  • The condition and uniqueness of your specific item
  • Buyer shipping cost preferences
  • Final value fees deducted from the sale by eBay

Periodically reassess pricing based on supply, demand, and market rate fluctuations.

Enhancing Listings

Maximize listing visibility and appeal with these tips:

  • Write detailed titles, descriptions and specifications
  • Showcase items in high quality photos from multiple angles
  • Set clear shipping and returns policies upfront
  • Highlight fastest and cheapest shipping options
  • Offer expedited handling and 1-day handling times
  • Enable Best Offer feature to allow buyers to negotiate pricing

Enhanced listings help earn buyer trust through greater transparency.

Driving Targeted Traffic

Employ strategies to promote listings beyond eBay search:

  • Share your eBay store link and specific listings on social media
  • Run Google and Facebook ads focused on relevant keywords and demographics
  • Promote top listings through eBay’s Merchandising tools
  • Offer price markdowns or coupons on listings about to expire
  • Build seller rating and reviews to earn eBay’s PowerSeller status

Wider external promotion increases potential buyers seeing your listings.

Customer Service and Reviews

Provide exceptional customer service and encourage buyer reviews:

  • Quickly answer pre-sale questions thoroughly and accurately
  • Resolve issues promptly through eBay Messages
  • Follow up with buyers when items are shipped with tracking info
  • Request that satisfied buyers leave positive reviews
  • Report accurate shipping times, shipping charges, and return policies

Positive ratings and reviews build sellers’ reputation on eBay.


eBay offers individuals and businesses an established marketplace for selling goods directly to millions of active buyers globally. By listing competitively priced items with optimized listings, promoting strategically online and offline, offering quick customer service, and building your seller reputation over time, you can grow a highly profitable eBay selling business. Leverage eBay’s extensive platform and tools to expand your reach.

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